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Core Business

Assent Incorporated is a management consulting firm serving NGOs, public and private sector in building leaders who deliver efficient, effective and sustainable solutions. We offer a wide range of consulting services in Project Management, Payroll Management, Strategic Planning, Market Research and Monitoring and Evaluation. We partner with clients to transform their organisations through strategic and result oriented means. With exceptional professionalism, we turn ambitious goals into reality by championing the bold to achieve the extraordinary.

We offer training and consultancy in the following areas:

    Strategy Development

    With this continual need for growth of NGOs, and private sector firms in this current wave of economic instability, there is greater need for consultants to work with firms in the overall organisation planning process. We assist firms in planning. This enables organisations improve program/ project performance in a bid to maximize profits. The country’s development sectors need to adjust so that it meet the current political and economic dynamics. Assent Incorporated assist organisations in strategic planning areas which comprise some of these components.

  • Designing strategic plans
  • Mid-term performance monitoring of the strategic plan
  • Annual strategic plan review
  • Strategic result check
  • Budgeting
  • Project Management

    As a management consultancy firm, we assist organisations in the planning and implementation of projects and programmes. We handle complex initiatives tied to specific business units and enterprise-wide projects for the identification of inefficiencies in workflow and processes. We work with clients in identifying needs of the community and carry out a capacity assessment for various projects and programmes. We develop concept notes, budgets and operational plans programmes, projects and the overall business processes. Our consulting team applies flexible and accurate forecasts which respond to rapidly changing environments within project management. We analyse problems and develop overall project objectives, outcomes and goal. We then design logical frameworks, action plans and activity schedules. As a firm we offer the following project/programme management services

  • Capacity and Needs Assessment
  • Business process analysis
  • Project Design
  • Project Implementation
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

    We help organisations track their progress and measure their results. Our result based monitoring and evaluation systems contribute to organisational learning process and long term change. Our team is there to assist managers to gain efficiencies, reduce costs, leverage talents and exploit opportunities with solid monitoring systems. We conduct mid-term and final evaluations for businesses, programmes and projects as a way to ensure if they achieved the desired outcome. For firms, we help them conduct continuous evaluations on their overall performance to build a sustainable business environment. We help organisations in the following areas of monitoring and evaluation:

  • Developing monitoring and evaluation frameworks
  • Developing baselines and targets
  • Data collection and analysis
  • M&E data visualisation
  • Payroll Management

    We help organisations to have Payroll Managers, Human Resource Managers and Salaries Officers who have knowledge in areas of PAYE Administration, Management of Statutory Instruments and Administration of Pensions etc. Our market survey shows that organisations have a higher preference of HR professionals possessing hands on practical experience in payroll administration. As a management consulting firm, we value solid systems of paying employees’ salaries and wages. Assent Incorporated combines human capital management skills with digital skills to optimise payroll administration. We help our clients in choosing the right computer software which meet the current global technological trend and to facilitate the speeding up of the payroll management process. We assist firms in the following critical payroll management areas:

  • Pension Administration
  • PAYE Administration
  • Management of statutory returns etc
  • Market Research

    The main objective of market research is to take the business from survival to growth in this wave of economic instability. Assent Incorporated gathers, analyses and interpret information about your business market, about a product or service to be offered in that market, and about the past, present and potential customers for the product or service. We research into the characteristics and spending habits, location and needs of your business and the competitors your business face. The market research shall assist business expansion and growth through analysing the following systems:
  • Business environment analysis– The purpose of business environment analysis is to gather all necessary information to decide whether the firm should go into a particular business venture either by introducing new goods or services, expanding the business, and if so how one should go about it.
  • Products or service analysis – This helps the firm to know products or services it is selling.
  • Customer analysis – The firm should determine who potential clients are and how to it can strategies to reach the customers.
  • Market area and trend – In this regard the firm should analyse the market trends in specific regards to geographical location, market size and market share influences.
  • Competition – Determine who the firm’s competitors are and assess their strength and weaknesses.
  • Business strategy development – This explains how the business will operate so as to profitably capture a share of the market that was identified.
  • Marketing strategy development – The business needs to describe the overall approach of selling goods or services.
  • Methods of selling and distribution – This outlines the methods that will be used to sell or distribute the products.
  • Pricing – Discusses the prices to be charged for the products or services.
  • Financial planning – This is where the business needs to come up or familiarise with statements of financial position or cash flow.
  • Trainings, Workshops and Capacity Building Programmes

    To improve organisational labour productivity, we support human capital development through skills trainings. We provide a digital (click here: and face to face interactive forums to educate people on planning and management. Our trainings are structured to link management issues with strategic priorities and directly focused initiatives. With this continued wave of economic instability, project designing and business planning is usually complex and error prone which many organisations fail to master. Assent Incorporated support organisations through workshops and business planning trainings in identifying business needs.