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About us

Assent Incorporated Pvt Ltd


Assent Incorporated is a management consulting firm serving both public and private sector to build sustainably lasting organisations. We offer a wide range of consulting services in Project Management, Strategic Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation and Payroll Management..

We take pride in having a team ready and willing to apply their skills and talents in solving complex challenges. Our consultants are there to offer expert and on-spot advice to meet client's needs and expectations.

The team, made up of skilled and professional experts possess industry experience and sound knowledge of planning, monitoring and evaluation in relation to strategy, projects and organisational performance.

We partner with clients to transform their organisations through strategic and result oriented means. With exceptional professionalism, we turn ambitious goals into a reality by championing the bold to achieve the extraordinary.


To be the proffered planning and management consulting service provider.


We commit ourselves to building organisations and leaders who deliver quality, efficient and effective outcomes through strategic means.


  • To promote a sustainable business environment.
  • To forge partnerships with organisations in a bid to promote the efficient delivery of services
  • To provide specialised management consultancy services meeting client needs.
  • To build result oriented systems within organisations

Leading team


We have a highly qualified team consisting of result oriented experts in development and management related issues willing to consider options for sustainable outcomes. The team consist of the following personnel:

Chief Executive Officer:

Tapiwa Mupandanyama

An expert Business Leader, Tapiwa possess strong Corporate Governance, Policy Planning and Human Capital Management skills with over 3 years of experience. He has worked in both public and private sector taking managerial roles and has gained vast experience in management. He is the current Human Resources Consultant at Omni Air Pvt LTD. Qualifications includes a Master of Science degree in Development Studies, BSc in Local Governance Studies, Diploma in Payroll Management and Certificate in Strategic Planning & Management.

Managing Director:

Brighton Chiwara

A strategist who started his career in the public sector where he took planning, monitoring and evaluation roles. He then moved into the private sector where his main work was centered on strategy development and communications. After joining Assent incorporated, Brighton has worked on developing strategies for profit making firms. He has also been working with firms in business monitoring and evaluation processes.

Company Secretary:

Nyasha Madziyauswa

An expert in Administration, Communication and Research. She has spearheaded a number of development projects and researches at both national and community levels. Nyasha has worked in NGOs, private sector and the public sector before joining Assent Incorporated. She holds a Master of Arts in Development Studies, BA in Development Studies and Certificate in Project Planning and Management.